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Top 10 Home Decor Trends For 2014

Home decor color trends for 2012

sm A  Dinning Room 2 v6 arch Home decor color trends for 2012 LED bulbs deliver the same warm glow as traditional incandescents but use 84 percent less energy and last up to 20 years, according to Maxwell Ryan, founder and CEO of Apartment Therapy. Interior design expert and InStyleModern.com executive Maria Samuels suggests multi-tiered chandeliers and other ornamental fixtures using LED lights to give a modern twist instead of traditional artificial illumination. The furniture forecast Pila notes that 60s-inspired acrylic furnishings can be timeless when designed into a classic silhouette, with the pureness of the acrylics clearness creating a striking effect. Washington, DC designer Darlene Molnar predicts that velvet sofas will be a top trend in 2014, with jewel colors or gray bringing a soft elegance to rooms after years of sharp clean lines. And furniture designer Clint Parker notes that Earth-friendly, sustainable eco-furniture is gaining steam, with new composites and fabrics such as hemp and sorghum making the concept more accessible. Accessorize the positive Anything goes in the world of accessories.

Decorating Your Home With Radiant Orchid

You could find such pieces at a local art fair or on online craft auction websites. You could also check out a local art school or university art program in your area where you can buy some student artwork at cheap prices. 1920s Inspired Designs With the Roaring 20s being revitalized on the silver screen in the show Boardwalk Empire and the film The Great Gatsby, designs from the 1920s are becoming more popular. Why not incorporate some gorgeous Art Deco furniture or decoration into your home?

Redo your home decor with bright, bold shades

In terms of a color palette, think muted blues, moody grays and saturated greens and neutrals with brownish undertones. Storm Cloud Gray Wythe Blue In fact, Benjamin Moore selected Wythe Blue as its Color of the Year for 2012 because it is classic and calming like sea and sky. Blue can mix easily with other colors as well as decorating styles. Here is Wythe Blue in a dining room: I love the blue and cream colors in the palette but the other colors are a little too dark for me.

10 home decor don'ts

USA TODAY Home Make it easy on yourself: Consider choosing one paint strip and using the various shades in different rooms. 6. Don't forget the ceiling The ceiling oversees your entire space heck, it keeps your secretsyet is often forgotten during the design process. Showing your top wall some love "can take a room from mediocre to stunning," Newkirk says. Painting it an inconspicuous complementary color can help expand the space, while wainscoting or copper trimming can add an extra visual touch.

Home-decor trends 2014: Colorful furniture, Western themes

Whisper-soft, ultra-pale shades of pink described by designers as blush tones are back. But the 80s havent returned, at least not entirely, designer Brian Patrick Flynn says. Whats different about blush this time around is what its paired with. In 1985, youd find it paired with mauve and black with tons of shiny brass accents.

Home Décor Trends for 2013

Duhare-Irish Village If not too keen to have bright walls, hang a series of bright and vibrant pictures or paintings down a dark hallway. Accessorise your bathroom with pinks, orange and lemon. For a fresh feel place some aqua or lavender potpourri in your bath area. To add natural touch , decorate with fresh flowers and plants.

Pure Home Introduces New Contextual Search Technology to the Home Décor Industry

Renee Sanden from the Great Lakes Mall in Mentor showed Fox 8s Wayne Dawson many ways you can incorporate the color into your home. Renee explained how small touches of the color can re-energize a room. Click here to learn more about the retailers at the Great Lakes Mall.

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